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Emeritierung von Prof. Dr. Philipp Rudolf von Rohr

Heute ist Prof. Rudolf von Rohr's letzter Arbeitstag am LTR nach über 25 Jahren Forschung und Lehre am D-MAVT, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik.


Lieber Philipp


Wir, die noch da sind, möchten uns ganz herzlich bei Dir für alles bedanken. Wir haben Deine professionelle und persönliche Unterstützung sei es in der Forschung oder Lehre und die Zusammenarbeit in der Administration sehr geschätzt.


Für den neuen Lebensabschnitt wünschen wir Dir nur das Beste.
Dustin, Christoph, Edoardo, Martin, Max, Peter und Silvia


31. Januar 2019

Process Engineering

Enlarged view: Flow diagram

Process engineering is a quite interdisciplinary field that involves subject areas out of mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. This discipline is mainly dealing with development and implementation of technical processes and plants that are able to change the state, the properties as well as the composition of a material. The focus is on design, operation, control and optimization of chemical, physical and biological processes. Moreover, also the importance of computer-based methods in process engineering is continuously increasing.

Research at LTR

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Farewell lecture
Prof. Dr. Philipp Rudolf von Rohr

Download"Verfahrenstechnik" (PDF, 303 KB)
Thursday, 11 October 2018, 17.15h - 18.00h
ETH Zurich
Rämistrasse 101
Main building
F 30 (Auditorium Maximum)


external pageNewspaper article from ""
on the topic 'carbon dioxide becomes methanol'



Doctoral examination of Vito Giampietro

Room ML E 13, 10:15 hrs



Doctoral examination of Helena Reymond

Room HG F 33.5, 10:15 hrs



Inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Mark Tibbitt
"Macromolecular Engineering of Advanced Biomaterials"
30 October 2017, 17:15 - 18:30 hrs
ETH Zurich, Audi Max, HG F 30


New laboratory assistant Volkan Canayakin
We would like to welcome Volkan Canayakin who newly joined the Liver4Life group as a laboratory assistant.



Doctoral examination of Michael Kant

Room ML E 13, 10:15 hrs



Doctoral examination of Agnieszka Ladosz

Room LEE E 308, 10:00 hrs



Doctoral examination of Sergio Vernuccio

Room CLA J 1, 10:00 hrs


New postdoc Lixia Yang

Welcome to our group Lixia Yang! Lixia starts her work as a postdoc in the group of Prof. Rudolf von Rohr.


Max Hefti in the Liver4Life project

Max Hefti joined the Liver4Life group as a postdoc. Welcome Max!

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Liver4Life project

Visit of Dr. Hansjörg Wyss, the sponsor of the Liver4Life project, at LTR.



Enlarged view: spark_award

Spark Award 2016

Congratulations to Thierry Meier, nominee for Spark Award!



Doctoral examination of Denis Butscher

Room ML E 13 at 10:00



New PhD candidate

We would like to welcome Dustin Becker who newly joined our group !

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Studies at LTR

Recent Publications


Uncertainty Analysis for Emissivity Measurement at Elevated Temperatures with an Infrared Camera

DownloadDragana Höser R. Wallimann Ph. Rudolf von Rohr



Minimal required boundary conditions for the thermal spallation process of granitic rocks

DownloadMichael A. Kant and Philipp Rudolf von Rohr

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